<span class='notranslate'>SOCKS KNITTING MACHINE + TOE-LINKING DEVICE D4S</span>

  • 編號 :THS_D4S
  • 特色 :Main Features
    1. Pneumatic control 9 fingers on main feed and 17 fingers on 6 motif colors. (F7-6 has 14 fingers on 5 motif colors.)
    2. 2 precise air-actuated elastic yarn fingers feeding system (Optional).
    3. 7 sets of 16 flaps high speed & durable actuators (F7-6 has 6 sets x 16 flaps).
    4. Double pickers and double down pickers for fast alternation movements.
    5. Computerized stepping motor control system on cylinder, stitch cam and elastic yarn to assure fine quality.
    6. Smart automatic oil feeding system.
    7. Advanced UPS self-protection and automatic error detection systems.
    8. High speed, high CPU memory capacity for easy modifications of chain programming, sizing & patterning. Multilingual featuring Chinese, English and various major languages.
    9. Automatic toe-linking device D4S installed directly on the knitting machine for a significantly higher productivity in socks manufacturing.
    10. Short idle time of the machine for removal of the finished knitted socks.
    11. Easy adaptable to various diameters.